Real Bad Hair day

Oh my god kill that thing before it eats his head!

The Jackson 3

The surviving Jacksons with their new album after the successful operations.

Who's a gay boy then?

Soviet 80s had bad hair covers too!

Leonid Breznev undisputed winner of 1978 Russian Grammy for best selling album "Chairman Breznev recites the minutes of the 23rd Soviet Presidium"

Klut Zupisky winner of 1985 bad hair day award.

Listen dis is the plan we call you Prince of Silence and put nada on ze record, party faithful will buy many copies.

The band hated performing when the Minsk Gales swept down from the Urals.

Oh brother where do you start with this baby? Oh yes: Irving Klotsky unveiled his new rocket design but unfortunately due to cost overruns he hadn't gotten around to designing a cabin for the crew.

Spot had to stay in the band as he was the only one with a genuine 1969 Moog synthesiser.

Vladimir couldn't help thinking about the other contestants as he savoured winning the most obnoxious new wave hairstyle award for 1983.

Yah girl is ready for you now, only 23 rubles per hour.

Ve look like Bros and have new fangled tape recorder invented by Ivan Krupnik in 1951, we will win Eurovision.

See loads more here if you have the stomach for it.

Music to Suffer By

Arrgg my head hurts and I haven't even listened to it yet!

Link to album

I could ball all night

Sure this is fun Melvin, but when are the other guests turning up?

Rock till you're loco

Aye caramba Dolores I think I step in dog poopie!